Home Scholarships Fully-Funded International Scholarships in France for the Academic Years 2022-2023

Fully-Funded International Scholarships in France for the Academic Years 2022-2023

Fully-Funded International Scholarships in France for the Academic Years 2022-2023

Scholarships are available to international students studying in France. As a result of France’s many scholarship options, a rising number of foreign students are choosing to study in France. Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. degree programs are available at this university. The number of overseas students in France is expected to reach 370,000 by the year 2021. Many French universities have their Admissions and Scholarships sections available to the public. International students flock to France, making it one of the most popular places in the world. Ideal location. You may also apply for a French scholarship without taking the IELTS exam.

There are around 3,500 public and private higher education institutions in France. Foreign students who desire to study in France have a broad range of options. The nation is a terrific place to study since it brings people from all over the globe together. A leading study abroad destination, France is among the world’s ten best study abroad locations and has many of the best-ranked universities in the world.

The IELTS is not required to study at many French institutions. France is a precious gem. French education is superior because of the country’s longstanding tradition of academic success and its continued national commitment to it. France’s education system is among the best in the world, according to the International Business Times. The Full-Funded Scholarships in France. For international students in France, below is a list of scholarships that are completely paid for.

Scholarships in France for International Students 2022-23

  • Scholarship Country: France
  • Degree Level: Bachelors, Masters, PhD
  • Financial Coverage: Funded

1# Université Paris-Saclay International Master’s Scholarships

These Scholarships are offered in order to allow International Students to Pursue their Master’s Degrees from the Université Paris-Saclay.

  • Deadline: 7th May 2022

1- Scholarship for Emile Boutmy in France

The Science Po University in France is a place where you may apply for this scholarship. In order to be eligible for the scholarship, students must be citizens of countries outside of the European Union.

Click Here to Learn More About the Emile Boutmy Scholarship.

2- Program of Excellence for Eiffel Scholarships

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for creating and funding this scholarship. Master’s and Ph.D. students are eligible for the award. Studies. All expenses are covered by the Eiffel Scholarship, a French Government Scholarship. In October 2022, the call will reopen.

Eiffel Scholarship: Learn More by Clicking Here

3- Scholarships from France’s Ministry of Higher Education 

This scholarship from the French Ministry of Higher Education will allow you to pursue a doctorate degree in France.

Visit This Link For More Information.

4- Awarded to students with a high level of academic achievement

The Agency for French Education Abroad and the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs are co-funding this scholarship. Students from throughout the world may come to France to pursue higher education.

Check out the Excellence Major Scholarship page for more information.

5- Programme Erasmus+

The European Commission provides funding for the Erasmus program. For international students, the Master’s degree program is accessible. Select France from the drop-down menu on the Erasmus website.

If you’d like to learn more about Erasmus in France, please go here.

6- In France, there are 282 Masters and Ph.D. Scholarships

Most academic fields and majors are covered by the Roundabout Fully Funded 282 Masters Ph.D. Post Doc Scholarships in France are available at French universities. Many Scholarships and Training Opportunities are Fully Paid for.

Visit This Link For More Information.

7- The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

All international students from any country are eligible for a scholarship from the French government. For Master’s or Doctoral level studies, or Major programs, by the Ministry of Education.

Visit This Link For More Information.

The Best French Universities Without IELTS:

  1. In Paris, the American Business School
  2. Paris-based electronic business services
  3. Computer Science Graduate Program at EPITA
  4. School of Engineers at ESAIP
  5. France’s ESC Rennes Business School
  6. The ESGCI, Paris, France
  7. An MBA from ESLSCA
  8. International Educational Services Association (IESA)
  9. International Business School (INSEEC)
  10. Institute of Science and Culture in Paris
  11. NEOMA is a business school
  12. The Paris Business School
  13. SKEMA School of Management
  14. The Toulouse School of Management

How to Get a Job in France Without an IELTS Test

Interviews through Skype and video chat

In order to assess your proficiency in the English language, you will be interviewed through Skype or another video platform once your profile has been shortlisted.

To get into a French university without an IELTS score, you must perform at your best in this interview.

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